My Supporters

Harry Segal

You don't know me, but I was inspired by what I read about you. My wife, a long-term cancer survivor, and I with you success in your battle with the disease and your ride. Harry

Carmen Hardmon

May God-bless you and give you strength to make it to the in prayers are with you right



Paul Mooney

Congratulations again. Look forward to meeting you on 2019 ride

Amina Sirry

Nicole, You are an strong, amazing & inspirational woman!

E M Muldoon-De Groot

Dear Nicole, what an amazing effort, way to go. We support you from around the world. Love, Eva (Renee's friend)

Mia Karvonides

You're my super hero!

Brian Parnell

Thank you to everyone that donated to Nicole's ride! The outpouring of support has been incredible and the donations have been super generous! Thanks again!

Borden and Nicole Freeman $100.00
Judith Bradbury

Wishing you all the best of luck Nicole! You are an inspiration! Judith (friend of Renee)

Nicole Burhoe

I am so proud of you and everything you have accomplished!! Have a great RIDE!!

Beth Cooney

Go, Nicole!

Kellie MacDonald

You are a warrior woman and inspiration. You are going to crush this ride. Have a blast. Ride of a lifetime!

Suzanne Merritt

Can’t wait to cross the finish line with you my friend and fellow survivor.

Bill Ganzenmuller

Best of luck!!!

Rick Flynn

Best of luck on your ride!

Jason Kadish

Been way too long! Please let me know if you are ever in the Philly area, would love to catch up.

Arthur & Theresa Choo

Good Luck Nicole

Holly Pilotte
Peter Averdick

Power 10, Nicole!!!

Sherry Patchen

Good luck on your ride.

Josephine Hanabury

You go girl!

Amy Woods

You are an amazing rock star!

Julie Burt

To commemorate the tremendous breakthrough in the treatment of breast cancer published today in NEJM!

Monica Marchese

This represents a $25 donation from my friend Marian Macarone. She wishes you a great ride!

Ruth Perrone

Dear Nicole, You inspire me and all who know you. Ruth

Nes Correnti
Carris Lawson

Nicole, Kudos to you for facing another challenge head-on. Monica is my childhood friend and she told me your inspirational istory. Good luck.

Anne Seiden

Good luck, Nicole! Thank you for being a good friend, mentor, and "bc sister" to my daughter, Valerie. Your support means more than you know. Best wishes and prayers for your continuing recovery.

Margaret Brigham

What an inspiring story Nicole! Be strong and be well! Great job!

Kristen Valenti

You've got this, Nicole!!! Enjoy the ride!

Allison Davis

Happy trails and enjoy the ride!

Erica Hitchings

Happy Mother's Day Nicole!

Lisa Belton
Joan Santacroce

Happy Mother's Day Nicole!!??

Amy Golden

You are a true inspiration!

Beth Berry
Bill Hass

Best of luck on your ride.

Abraham Morrison
Howard Zern

My long time friend, Monica Marchese told me about you and i am confident you will have a great ride for this important fundraiser. My very Best, Howard Zern

Shel Myers

Best of luck. Your Aunt Monica has been a friend or mine for awhile and I know she is very proud of you

Jennifer Hayes
Mary Rose Sinatro
Michele Sherbacow
Denise Brian

Keep up the good work! Monica is so proud of you. Happy to support!!!!


Angelette Terk

For Val’s fight! You go girls!

Laura Libby

Good luck! In honor of Val's fight!

Karen Baker

Have fun and enjoy the ride

Maura Malliet

Monica says you are wonderful. Good luck

Carolyn Marchese

Good luck with your ride Nicole! Your courage and bravery is an inspiration ????

Sara Rademacher

You are such an inspiration! Good luck!

Joseph Dellamarggio

Nicole, I am your mother’s first cousin and I was visiting your Aunt Monica. She told me about your involvement in the Pan-Mass Challenge and I thought that I would donate to your effort. Good Luck!

Molly Marsh

Thanks for doing this. You will help so many people.

Teri Sergentanis

Good luck, Nicole. You are an amazing and classy woman.

Stacy Lemieux
Douglas Housman

Best of luck to you all. Your doing good things.

Christine Allison

Your aunt and my sister-in-law, Monica shared your story on Facebook. I admire your strength and willingness to give back. Truly amazing! Wishing you only the best.

Marissa Marchese

Love you Nicole, you rock, proud to have a cousin with such strength and courage!

Julie Burt

We love you ?? And your strength ??.

Kristin Praznowski

Dear Nicole- Best of luck. You GO! You are amazing. Xo Kristin Cook and family

Karen and Alan Dawes

Keep riding, Nicole and keep up your fight. Ride for your mom and all of the others to give them strength to be healthy. We are in it with you!

Carol Soisson

You go girl!!

Daniel Lynch

You are a power of example ??????

Ernesta Dzwonchyk $50.00
Keri Hancock $20.00
Kelly Cassier

Kick Cancers Ass!

Kelly Wieser

In honor of your birthday month we are thrilled to donate to your inaugural ride! We love you, Miss Nicole and are looking forward to cheering you on! Love Paolo, Kelly, Ella, Aura, Nonna and Maxwell

Amy Keough

You go girl!!

Kathryn Burt
Tilson Bennett $25.00
Mary Lou Sessa

At Monica‘s in Florida and she showed me your page and I was very impressed with what you wrote. I grew up in Fairfield with Monica and her sisters. Thank you for doing this. Way to go!

Michael and Kate Joyce

Go get them Nicole!!! Good luck!!! Mike, Kate, Sean, Delia and Ciara

Celeste Shirvani

Great job Nicole. We've heard your story though Renee and you are a real inspiration to all of us. I hope we get a chance to meet someday! The Shirvani Family

Joanna Young

You are amazing!!!! So proud of you, but not surprised. You are a warrior woman. Have a great ride!! Love you!

Eric D Olick

Marla and I super happy to support your ride! You can do it! You’re awesome!

Kate Rennie
Linda Campbell

Nicole, Thank you for your help and friendship that you showed to my daughter in law, Valerie. I will be cheering for you when you successfully complete your ride. You go girl!

Kristin Aylward

Nicole, I am so proud of you my friend. You will rock it on the bike just like you do in dance class! Love you!

Jarrod Polseno

Pain don't hurt. This ride has nothing on you. Good luck!

April Ackerman
Janis Franco

Best luck on your ride!

Marisa Ronan
Monica Marchese

I will be routing for you Nicole. You are going to be a great rider for a great cause. My small part.

Kerry Ni

Nicole, you are amazing!

Curt Murphy

Amazing recovery! Best of luck Nicole.

Margaret Newell $250.00
Margaret Pucci

Good Luck! I am a 18 year survivor.

Bobbi Hayes

Go Nim Go ??

Barbara Gorczyca

Beautifully wriitten Nicole, just like you! You rock girl! xoxo

Renee Merhill

Way to go Nicole!!! We will be cheering for you as you cross through Brewster!! Love, Renee, Dan, Jake & Hannah xx

Wendy Thayer

This is going to be an amazing experience! So happy for you!!

Steven Endres

You got this!

Ellen Musinsky

So proud to see you riding in this.

Erica Colantonio
Melissa Kaye

You rock! <3 <3

Joan Santacroce

With you all the way!!????

Elizabeth Knox


It is so wonderful that you are doing this! You are so inspirational and I am so proud to know you!

Jane & Kevin Rabinovitch

Go get it, Nicole! Always happy to support you and a great cause. Kevin & Jane

Rebecca Jollotta

Best of luck, Nicole!!

Borden and Nicole Freeman

Rock this ride!

Francine Merhill

Nicole so proud of you. Love, Mom and Dad


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