My Supporters

Facebook Fundraisers $1,390.00
Gerard Odabashian $25.00
Scott Noble

Hi Marci - well done for another successful ride and fundraiser! Keep up the good work.

Missy & Craig Dowley $100.00
Lauren Steinberg

?? you! Great job!

Lisa Madigan

Congrats on another successful ride Marci! And thanks for your dedication to fight the cause!!

Lisa Rothlein
Laura Frem
Laura Litwinetz $50.00
Paula Lapkin

Congrats on another amazing accomplishment. xo

carrie Williams

way to stay with it Marci! Ride like the wind ??

Marika Bruell
Alison Frydman

Your old Brookline roomie who lives in your old neighborhood sends you an easy ride!

Jen Brandwein

Have a great ride this weekend!!! You ladies are amazing!

Dana Haggett

Marci, you are so close to your goal! So happy to ride with you to celebrate 15 years being cancer free. Have so much fun this weekend celebrating YOU!

Rosalyn Adam

Congratulations on riding again, Marci! I hope you have a great weekend. Best of luck, Rosalyn.

Kari D’Amato

Go, Marci! From your OLD Vail roommate! Please add my dear friend, Robin Moody Cook to your list of honorees. She passed away in December. Thank you!

Alison Reiser

Go Melissa, Marcie and LIza! Love to you all! xoxox Ali Reiser

Ann DePeron
Gabrielle Henken

Have a great ride, Marci! Thank you for making a difference!

Jayme Winnick
Debbie Merwitz

Kick some butt this weekend! Xoxo

Karen Morgan

Have a great ride!

Melissa Williams

Your an inspiration! Best of luck. xoxo

Julie Blasbalg

Thank you for riding and raising funds, Marci! It is our honor to support you and the PMC. Good luck! Xo, Julie and Jeff Blasbalg

Karen Cirrito

Enjoy the ride - you earned it!

Jennifer Olivetti
Jennifer Merredew

Have a great ride!

Pam Bittner

Go Marci Go! Love you!!

Jenna Gould

She ain't no slacker, she's Marci Blacker! ;-) Love you!

Susanne Madison $50.00
Michael Saitow

It's amazing to see so many friends riding PMC this year! #stopcancer

Jackie Croopnick
Gail and Andy Merken $36.00
Faye Ginsberg
lee gibson family

Go, Marci. Congrats

Deb Yolin

You are a rock star!!! Have a great ride

Pat McMahon
Jessi Hoffman
Kathleen Singleton

Love You and So proud of your goals Dave and Kathleen

Jonathan Blacker $100.00
Linda Cincotta

You've got this ... enjoy the ride!

Amy Goldberg

You are a rockstar! Making us all so proud!

Karen Cohen

So proud of you. Kimberly is also riding again this year.

David Blacker

Marci and Team Perry, you guys are awesome. Ride safe and have fun. Love, Jacob, Alex, Kelly and David

Kate Bellaud

Good luck Marci and you are an inspiration in all you do to fight for a cure! The Bellaud Family:)

Kara Macek $50.00
Linda Rubin-Mcconnell

Go for it Marci!

Rosalind Goldberg

We're proud of you Marci and so happy that you're healthy! Love, Ros

Lynne Walder

Go Blacker Go!!!

Taylor and Geoff Bernstein

Go Marci!!!!!!!

Sheila Martin

Good luck, Marci!

Jennifer Faber

In honor of you being 15 years cancer free. Love you!

Hillary Ryan
Rachel Fier

Wishing you a great ride, Marci. You are amazing :)

Shari Lynch
Michelle Kaufman

Go get 'em Marci!

Shari Marquis
Elise Cohen

Good luck Marci!!!!

Jim & Nan Noble

Marci, We are so proud of the woman you have become. So happy you beat that ugly “C” so many years ago! Love, Jim & Nan

Malinda Pulicari
Marci Bergman

Good luck! 15 years is something to celebrate! You guys are amazing.

Daniel O'Donnell

Marci - you're an inspiration to us all! I'm proud to have you as a colleague and friend. I hope you have a safe, fun, mostly downhill ride!

Steve Goldsmith

Congrats Marci, As always keep up the great work. Hope you have an easy ride.

Amy Lannon
Rachel Johnston

Good luck!! We are so happy to support you and this wonderful cause that is so near to our hearts. You got this! -Rachel and Craig

Robert Webber

Dear Marci, You are a wonderful role model. You should be commended for your dedication and determination. Love, Bobby and Sandy

Deri Forte

Marci, such determination for such a wonderful cause. I wish you always the best in life. Love, Deri

Matthew Foster

Great work Marci - thanks for your dedicated efforts to help eradicate this terrible disease!

Rebecca Levin

So proud to support you, Marci! xoxo

Danielle Remis

Go Marci! We admire you more and more every year.

Jordana Alford

Go Marci ! So proud of you!

Beverly Rubin

You go girl!!! Thank you again, Marci

Debbie Wennett

Best of luck on the ride!

Ann & Paul Lannon $50.00
Abby Schervish

Happy to honor your 15 years as a survivor! A true inspiration! (and Happy Birthday ;) )

Amanda DiCenso

You are amazing! Such an inspiration!!

Gyorgy Olah

Go Marci, go!! Good luck for the ride, and thank you for doing this year after year for a great cause.

Millie Kateman

You rock, Marci! Have a great ride! Love - The Kateman Family

Teresa Quinn

Good luck Marci from the Quinn family! ??

Taylor Maguire

Good luck on another successful ride!! XOXO

Louise Paradise

Have a great ride Marci!

Holly Ventura

Marci! You make us all so proud and are truly an inspiration. Congratulations on 15 Years!

Katie Forberg

Good luck, Marci! Congrats on 10 years! What an accomplishment!!!

Jon Alford

Way to go Marci! What a great annual tradition you've got going, congrats on your 10th Pan-Mass!

Nicole Harding

Best of luck with the ride! Great job!

Jessica Moon

Congratulations! You inspire us!

Gwendolyn Baker

Go Marci! Go Marci!

Rebecca Barrile

You're an inspirational to us all. Good luck!!!

Lynn Mangott $50.00
Diane & Russ Klein

We are so happy that you have achieved this great milestone!

Gina Colombo

Cheers to 15yrs cancer free & your 10th PMC, Marci! Ride like the wind!

Benjamin Flamand

Good luck Marci! We'll be watching from our front yard!

Christopher Defranco
Jennifer Feldman

Good luck Marci!! XX

Katy Fritz

GO MARCI GO!! Such an inspiration!!! xoxo

Beth Markowitz

Celebrating you and 15 years cancer free. SO proud of you dear cousin!!!!

Rachel Roberts
Susan Curry

15 years! Hooray!

Bruce Roberts

Marci - so glad to support you. Good luck with the longer ride - hope the weather cooperates.

Sean Dorfman
Kim Christos

Best of luck Marcy!!

Caroline Donaldson

Way to go Marci! I'm so proud of you!

Donna & Bill Matson

Go Marci!!!

sheila dipalma

You simply rock Marci! Lots of love, strength and admiration coming your way! xo

Jeffrey Levinson

Congrats on the 10+15!!

Denise Duffy

Good for you, Marci!! XO

Paulina Levine

Marci - you are amazing! xo- Paulina

Racheal & Chris Taylor
Juliane Nelson

You're pretty amazing, Marci Blacker!

Robin Pratt

Have a great ride Marci - happy to support you and Dana Farber!

Meghan Couture

Amazing that you will be riding 192 miles! You are an inspiration!

Eric Hartstone
Patricia Garrigan

Marci, You’re a real inspiration to Mike and me. We’re happy to support you! Love, Trish and Mike

Justin Brown

Go Marcie, Go!

Amrita Nichols

Go Marci!! You are such an inspiration !!

Susan Abrams

You are amazing! So happy to support you for another year.

Caroline Sherman
Gail Vazal

Once a Warrior, always a Warrior!

DIANA Lannon
Renee Metsch

Way to go, Marci! Congrats on 15 years. Keep up the good work!!

Mary Hawes Mahoney

Hooray for you on your milestone! Good Luck on the ride... XXOO Mary

Lauren Mahoney

Go Marci!!! So happy for this great milestone. Have a great ride! xoxo, Brendan, Lauren and Michael

Leah Levy

15 years - congratulations! Your enthusiasm, energy and dedication are inspiring! We'll be cheering you on from Natick!

Lori and David Silverstein

Go Marci!! Xoxo

Merrill Puopolo

You’re an inspiration.

Cathy Obrien

Congratulations Marci on 15 years cancer free have a great ride!

Kirk Vazal

Thank you!

Steven & Lori Peljovich

Congrats on 15 years. Keep kicking Cancer’s A$$!

Janet Dulohery

Marcy, I am in awe of you and all the goodness you put into the world! I am so proud of you! Have an awesome ride!! Janet

Lorry Vecchione

You are an inspiration to all with your strength and determination! You go girl! Ringing that cowbell for you Marci!

My History

2019 $15,040.10 Sturbridge to Provincetown Monument (2-Day)
2018 $9,611.56 Wellesley to Provincetown Monument (2-Day)
2017 $9,128.00 Wellesley to Provincetown Monument (2-Day)
2016 $8,321.00 Wellesley to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2015 $7,936.00 Wellesley to Provincetown Monument (2-Day)
2014 $12,065.72 Wellesley to Provincetown Monument (2-Day)
2013 $6,700.00 Wellesley to Bourne (1-Day, Sat)
2012 $6,500.00 Wellesley to Bourne (1-Day, Sat)
2011 $3,690.00 Wellesley to Bourne (1-Day, Sat)
2010 $3,624.00 Wellesley to Bourne (1-Day, Sat)