My Supporters

Cori Newcomb

Thank you for organizing our 100 mile PMC ride this year! Much appreciated!

Jodelle Boorady

It’s a great thing you’re doing for your dad. Congratulations! Love Jody & Tom Boorady

Shannon Foley $25.00
Maureen Fair

You got this!!! My "inspiration donation" for the last leg of your incredible journey!

Maureen Johnson
Claudine Hagan

Safe ride!!

Jen Mogensen

Have an amazing ride!!!!

Brenna Ferrick

Best of luck,Liz!

Eileen Fowler

Good luck Liz- you got this ??


. Good luck Liz.

Ricardo Timiraos $30.00

So proud of you, Liz Thornton! Putting the time, energy, effort into this super worthy cause even in these wacky times. Thank you for your efforts and support of research!! Enjoy the ride my friend

Matthew Thornton
Melanie Gashler

Good Luck Liz!!!!

Michael Carthas

Good luck, Liz! Go get 'em!



Keep up the good work Liz !! Hydrate !!

Janice Carthas $30.00
John Gildea $50.00
Michelle Tilden
Donna L Wymbs

Safe travels!

Megan Kennedy

You are AMAZING! Dad will be with you for every mile. And so will we! ??

Mary Fasciano Smith

For your Dad and my Mom. Have a great ride!



Vincent and Andrea Lattuada
Lucy and Sandy Elmer

Yay Liz and hooray for your doing the ride again this year! We are cheering for you all the way. This donation is given in loving memory and honor of your beloved Dad, Jay Kennedy. xo

Kevin J Thornton

Bless you for rising money for this worthy cause.

Kaylene Schultz

Best of Luck! Your dad was the best!!

Mary Curran
Rosemarie Jones

Good luck Liz!! Your dad was an amazing man and missed so very much!

Chuck Danforth

Good luck ??

Terry and Beth Kennedy

You ride for a lot of people who loved your Dad and miss him everyday. Thanks!

Norine Molito

Good luck Liz. ??

Rhe Kennedy
Grace K Halliwell $100.00
Thomas Evans

Good luck to you. We hope that next year it can all be back on the road and we'll have our cheering section again on Day 2 at Derby & Setucket in Brewster! Tom and Jan Evans

James Murphy

You go girl!!!

Nancy Sibilia

With you in spirit Liz, cheering you on! Good luck!

Colleen Rose

Good luck :)

Kelly Dougherty

Good Luck, Liz!

Doreen DiBiasio-Erwin

Thank you Liz for doing this! Cancer is awful!

William Clemmey

Good Luck Liz!!

Karen Goulis

Way to go Liz! Sending good thoughts and prayers for a successful ride! Your Dad would be so proud of you-a wonderful tribute to a special man!

karen thornton

Liz, Good luck!??

Courtney Goodwin

You got this, Liz! ??

Ariel Dagan

Liz, I applaud your efforts and tenacity. I know nothing stops you for fighting for what you believe in. I just found out this week that cancer can reach any of us and am changing my lifestyle.

Kerri Murphy

We will cheer you on!

Peggy & Mike Thornton


Ann Marie Beasley $250.00


Margie McShane

Your dad was a great man.

Gary Weis $30.00
Phyllis Wright

Jay was a wonderful friend and neighbor. He is missed. Sorry we won't be there to cheer you on during your ride. Phyllis and Chet

karen thornton

Go girl go!

Jenifer Sellon $100.00
Julie Kraft

We loved your dad and are happy to support your ride again this year. Julie and Vinny

Patrick Heffernan

What a great tribute to your Dad, you got this Liz! Love the Heff’s????????????????????

Kelly Molito

In memory of those we have lost, and in hopes to help those still fighting. ?? Thank you Liz!

Maureen Fair

Go Liz! Love your tenacity! You are not riding alone.. your Dad will help you navigate every turn and conquer every hill.??

Jennifer Sousa

Good luck Liz!

Karen Balinski

So inspiring! Wishing you a safe ride!!

Dan and Jeanne McGuire

You are amazing, as was your dad. Love you

Sandra Burke
Megan Kennedy

He was the BEST and I know he is so proud of you! Love him and you???? ?

Larry Devey

Go “Lizzy Tish” as Dad used to call you. So proud of you for riding for this worthy cause that means so much to so many.

Joan Bezarro

Liz, Your Dad was the best! You go girl! So proud of what you do!??

Micahel Rhodes-Devey
Elizabeth Hookway

You are amazing Liz!! Our my love and support to you and your family. In memory of your beautiful dad.

Michele Shannon

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