My Supporters

Madison Belin
Stephanie Doi

GO LAURA!! You are an inspiration!!

Alyssa Keiner

Yay good luck Laura!!

Alexa Buckley

Go Mentor go! Good luck Laura!

Vahid Hoshmand

Good luck -- crush it!

Hayden Gruber

Will be cheering you both on via Facetime at the finish line!

Beth and Eric Veit

Enjoy the ride Laura! Keep the miles turning.

KJ and Dave Payette

Go Laura!! Good luck and have a blast. We’ll be cheering you on!!

Jeremy Streich

LAURA IS GOAT. Love that you’re doing this L, keep riding strong ??

Alexandra Sborov

Good luck Laura!! Cheering you on from the west coast!

Lee Murray $250.00
Kelsey Murray

Woohoo good luck Laura!!! Cheering you on from afar!!

Steve Bandler

Go Laura - have a great ride!

Todd and Kristen Murray

Thanks for riding for such an important cause! We will be cheering for you from Chicago! Much love, The Murrays

Leslie Petty

My brother in law has done the Pan Mass challenge the last two years. What an incredible thing to do. Always so proud of you!!!! Love to see the you when visiting CA.

Michael Levin

Way to go, Laura!

Vern and Betsy Klein

Proud of you sister!

Ezana Demissie
Nicholas Purinton $30.00
Alicia DeFrancesco

Good luck on the ride, Laura!

Emily Goldman

Proud of you already! You're going to crush it!

Alexandra Clemente

Get it girl!

Lisa Kaneb

Go Laura Go!! Thank you for all that you do for others! Your spirit, skills, and finesse are exceptional. Have a great ride and weekend!

Sarah-Dawn Smith

Great job Laura! You are amazing! For my Brother, Dad and Grandmother who were taken by cancer.

Andrew Nesbitt
Samuel Park

Go Card!



Janet Gates

Pedal hard, Laura! We are donating this in honor of Martin’s mom and my dad!

Marion Cantwell

Enjoy the ride Laura. You are amazing! Love Aunt Marion and Uncle Buddy.

Hiroshi & Lori Doi

Go Laura go!

Archana Murali

You're going to be amazing!!!

Deb Klein

Go, Laura, go!

Mitzi Mathews

You are a sweetie!! Ride safe! Love you, Aunt Mitzi

Dan Klein

Best of Luck in the Pan-Mass challenge! Proud of you!! Karen and Dan

Mariah Hanley

Good luck!

Scott Frankenthaler

Go Laura! You are going to do great. Here is the wheelie bad joke I promised you: Why did the bicycle fall over? It was two tired!

Jeffrey Yeung

Love you!!

Karyll Davis

Kick ass! ;)

Eric Yang

Good luck on the ride!

John Klein

Awesome job Laura, best of luck

Sarah Clark

Keep pedaling!!!

Brenda Mitchell

Laura, We are more than happy to support you as you raise funds for this worthy organization. We look forward to seeing you in July! We love you, Sweetheart! Uncle Todd & FAB


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