My Supporters

Bud and Sally Chagnon

Congrats Eric. Great Ride

Antonio Sordillo
Dan and Veronica Clemens $25.00
Kevin Casey

Well done Eric. Ed is looking upon with great love and pride. Thank you.

Matt Varakis

Congrats on all you hard work and dedication!!

Michael MacNeill
Timothy Fenton

Nice work buddy! Thank you for your fundraising and for supporting a great cause!

Sharon Muise

Great Job!!

Brendan Doyle
Shawn Chase
Kim Klauer
Paul & Sally Sweeney


Courtney Gervais

Great job, Eric! I remember Ed well from my babysitting days and miss seeing him on his walks around the neighborhood. He always had a smile and something nice to say. Keeping you all in my prayers.

Ryan Coakley
Adam Johnson

Great job Eric! Your journey and story are inspiring.

Diane Mcclure $50.00
Rob and Brenda Lizine

Go Eric! Do it for Ed! - Rob, Brenda, Chad & Adam

Bill and Barb Sparks

Good luck, your uncle was a a great inspiration to everyone who knew him. He would be very proud of you.

Tommy Ogrady

Chamois cream. If you don’t have it yet, get it.

Jerry Lenihan

Good luck on the ride E-man!

Melissa Wong

Go get em’ for Uncle Ed!

Kelly Lord

Good luck!

Nishant Jhaveri

Best of luck Eric, go get em!! Great cause, we are all rooting for you! Nish & Radhika

Charles Doherty

Good luck Eric! Keep up the good work.

Jean Squires

Good luck, Eric! Thinking of you.

Timothy Sousa $25.00
Brian Killeen

Kick butt, Eric!!

Danielle Williams

So excited for you to take on the ride of your life! Good luck! - The Williams Family

Teresa Biko

In memory of my late husband Mike Biko who put up s valiant fight!

Matthew Laughrey
Bryan Stone

Be awesome. You are going to be great.

jim egan $100.00
Tom Donlea $50.00
Katie McGinn

Good luck, Eric!! You're going to do great!!

Kay & Hugh Dawson Dawson
Jeff Ponkey

Celebrating news of a cancer-free diagnosis in my family!!! Enjoy the ride!

Vincent Jacobs

You made it! So proud of you. Good luck Eric, we love you!! -Caroline & Vinnie

Laura Casey

Way to go Eric, you ready for the big ride?

Annette McClure
Ann Creamer
Kevin Martin

Thank you Eric for your commitment to this great cause. Good luck and be proud of yourself and your team! Kevin & Christy



Way to go Eric!

Michael Duval $50.00
Paul Harrington

Way to go Eric!

Ryan Dawson

So proud of you Bro and I know damn well Uncle Ed is proud of you too and will be with you during your ride. I look forward to riding along with you next year!

Katie Craven

Ride on! Proud of you!

Russ Webster

Let’s get Eric and Team to the finish line!

Jordyn Bordeleau

Eric, taking on this ride for Uncle Ed is incredible. What a wonderful way to keep his memory alive - the dedication, hard work, & self discovery you’re putting UR mind, body, & soul through. Amazing!

Tony Whalen
Jeannette Albiez
Hank and Karen Houle

Thank you Eric for doing this ride. Your description of Ed is spot on and you remind us of the kind of man Ed was. We miss him everyday.

Amy Hillman

Good luck!

Bobby and Casey Slater
Jeff & Kate Trainor

Go get em bud!

Frederick Dinsmore

Riding for a great cause!

Deirdre Gibbs
Adam Hollis

Good luck Eric! Enjoy the journey.

Lauren Casey

Love Eddie & Lauren

James Mercier $25.00
Rich Lizine

Good luck!

Dennis Comeau $50.00
david trahan $500.00
Michael Silk

Good luck Eric

Cheryl Sweeney

I'm enjoying reading about your training challenges and successes. Will hope for clear weather and a tailwind for the ride. You got this!

Jeff Gropman
Shannon DiLauro $50.00
Sarah Dolan

Best of Luck! xoxo Neil & Sarah

Nancy Rogers

Hi Eric, Ride your heart out and raise lots of money. Best to you and the family always .

Jim Daly

Good luck! Kick this races ass so we can kick cancers ass!

Ryan Sloper

Good luck!

Jen Martin
Jason Hanscom

Eric, I had the good fortune to live next door to Ed for the last 5 years. He was a great man and is sorely missed! Good luck!

Margaret Rich
Bob McClure $100.00
Kim Perkins Burkhart

Eric~ Thank you for what YOU are doing..... Kim

Paul Sweeney

Great thing you're doing!

Roberta Wiltshire

Good luck Eric!! Great cause for a great man!! Love, Dad and Rob

Sara Porter
Ashley Holas

This is so amazing, and I have so much respect for this ride. Keep spreading inspiration and awareness!

Ferg Ferguson

Keep pedaling everyone!!!

Joanne Guthrie

Go get'em Eric! Its a great ride and a great cause.



Alexis Bell $25.00
Coralee Martin

You will do great! Such an awesome thing to do in memory of your uncle! Ride safely!??

Amy Egan

Eric, Best of luck to you on your ride. What a honorable thing you are doing. <3 Love, The Egan Family

Burt Duren

Good luck, Eric. Admire your commitment to raise funds for this worthy cause. I trust you are doing well. We need to catch up sometime. All the best, Burt

Chris Marchand
Keren Hirsch $50.00
John Shirey

I'm a charity cyclist and my wife is a cancer survivor. Great cause Eric, and I'm happy to help.

Matthew Coddaire

Nice work, man. Thanks for reaching out!

Gail Granger

A great cause...good luck on the ride! The Granger Family.

John Murphy

Mr Casey was one of the nicest people I've ever met.

Art Tobin

Good luck Diggity!!

Robin Smith $100.00
Kathleen Bennett

Best of luck on your ride! Bill & Katie

Jay Liang
jodie noyes

I happily donate in honor of Ed- such a very special man!

Amy Wechsler

Ed was one of my first and dearest friends at UConn. He was a wonderful guy and it was heartbreaking to learn of his illness and passing. Thank you for the opportunity to share in honoring him.

Monica Eynatian
Cynthia Sullivan $25.00
Christine Brown

Good luck Eric and thanks for doing this! F CANCER

Nick & Allison Beauchamp
Pam Dawson

A great tribute for a great man! Always in our hearts. Thank you!!

Brandie and emily Baldwin

Good luck!

Emily Welton

I'm so sorry Eric. I had no idea he passed- they were wonderful neighbors to us growing up on Shedd lane. Goodluck with the ride!!

Laura Casey

Thanks for doing this Eric. Love you.

Amanda Weaver

Good luck, Eric!!!

Leah Miranda

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